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Are you able to accurately predict who's going to fare best in a survival situation when you meet the people ahead of time?

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How much does being able to understand complex mathematics (algorithms, for example) factor into being a computer programmer and video game developer? Hope that's not a silly question!

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How long have you been slacklining? (My autocorrect turned that into "slacking." Main reason I leave the autocorrect on, because of the hilarious stuff it comes up with.) How did you get into it in the first place? Are all your thoughts when you're up in the air concentrated on walking and balancing, or do you ever find yourself day-dreaming and have to shake your thoughts back to reality?

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I would love to take the silk classes, but I have unusually (and periodically dangerously) low BP and migraines. I really can't do anything that involves my head being lower than my heart or held at an odd angle for any length of time.