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Cause he's little and everyone's buddy.

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Omg, I forgot about that book until you reminded me. I was such a book worm in middle school that I check out a book or two from the school library every single week. I soon ran out of books I found interesting until someone suggested Forever to me. It sounded innocent enough, I think I was in the 6th grade.

I tried to check it out but the school librarian told me that this certain book needed a permission slip from a teacher. So I went and got one. That book caused me to hit puberty I'm sure.

Amazing book!

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When you're asleep your eye moves involuntarily. With some eye surgeries they have to put you so far under that your brain doesn't tell your eye to move. You don't need to be put so far under with brain surgery because your brain doesn't move.

There's a reason why anesthesiologists make so much money. It's a difficult and calculated job.

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Yes, my dad had an accident as a kid that required surgery on his eye. They have to put you so far under you're really toeing the line with death.

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I'm sorry, I'm an optician and I just don't completely agree with you. I don't make commission either. The longer you wear your contacts the more gunk is on them, even when you clean them. Contacts actually choke your eyes of oxygen and when people do things like wearing them over night or wearing them too long in general you'll see they get these red veins around where their contacts sit. I'm sorry, I just don't think its a good idea.