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Hey! We're working on a PDF dealing with the differences between LRB6 and BB2 rules and explaining the reasons behind these changes. It should be coming in the next weeks!

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That's a lot of questions! I'll try to answer them piece by piece.

(2) We are thinking about something similar, like a "tactical view" which would toggle a grid, positionnal names and skills.

(7) Players conceding matches loose fan factor and give up 5 SPP for one of their player. They also waste 1 match for their players when ageing is activated in the league. And on your side, you earn a lot of free SPP and gold! The topic of punishment for disconnections is complicated because we can't punish people for having a bad connection. I think people will slowly realize how much they loose by conceding and concede will be scarcer.

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Both are on our list but we can't say "yes" or "no" to every features. We read all your feedback and we'll communicate on the next patch as soon as we have something solid!

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Sure! I can already tell you that we're thrilled to see the success of this AMA, 250 questions in 1 hour is far more than we expected and it's awesome to see that! We've some work to do to answer to everyone now! ;)

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Hey, please contact [email protected] and describe the issue. We'll take of it!