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Flyingwheelbarrow54 karma

I am from Australia. We store our illegal immigrants in offshore internment camps. You guys seem soft on illegal immigration compared to alot of countries

Flyingwheelbarrow22 karma

You are a true champion. I saw a documentary about 3 female defectors. What inspired them was watching a south korean made movie snuck into the country. It was amazing hearing them say it was the first time they 'knew' something better exisited. Big love from Australia my brother

Flyingwheelbarrow19 karma

Often a long holiday is used as an excuse.

Flyingwheelbarrow16 karma

hahaha. So the wheel turns

Flyingwheelbarrow15 karma

I come from Australia. We put people who come hear illegally via boat (all our borders are water) we put you in offshore internment camps. We also passing a law that will permantly ban an person illegal arriving by sea to ever enter Australia again. Not even on a tourist visa. I feel sorry for the complexity of your issue