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FloLovesGIR3 karma

Never finished this book because it was sooooo damn stupid!

FloLovesGIR1 karma

I think it might be the carbs in the pizza that makes my body react so, and the spicey of the tacos.

FloLovesGIR1 karma

You never had that for dinner? I eat later than most people I guess.

Food starts in my stomach and I have a digestion period of about 4 hours. If I go to bed before the 4 hours is up, I have a deep sleep while digesting and crazy dreams. I'm a regular lucid dreamer, so I don't always eat pizzas and tacos- I don't even watch TV. I know my dreams will keep me entertained.

FloLovesGIR1 karma

Try eating something like pizza or tacos before going to bed... helps me.