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Sure, they are currently working with the army to teach them the dance to do at the next military parade.

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That's a very good point you bring up. The country tries its best to present itself in the most favorable light possible in every way.

I traveled to several cities, Pyongyang included and there is a big difference.

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This is a good question as well.

They were NK citizens, and a part of the privileged class. They definitely showed the country in a positive light, however they did not try and hide things either. We passed by a few labor camps and the guides could have easily closed the curtains on the window of the bus, but never did.

We spoke about the government some, the thing that I found most interesting is that my guides truly believed in their government. They weren't completely ignorant to the outside world (my guides had actually traveled to many countries) and they understood that there were a lot of problems. However the way one of my guides spoke was so full of fire and passion that it convinced me he believes in what his country is doing.

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I am an American. As strange as it sounds, I was treated very well by most of the people.

Weirdest thing is the half finished apartment buildings right next to multi-million dollar office buildings.

I can't really comment on the poverty situation, my Korean isn't good enough to have an in depth conversation and anyone who speaks English is part of the upper echelon of society...

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Some of the places were very rural, people would have giant fields for crops and they would walk or bike for many miles to get from the fields to their houses.

Some of the houses were very simple, think of a concrete square. But for the most part people lived in apartment buildings that were built long long ago and that were mostly run down. The population, even in the smaller cities is mostly centrally located.

Also, the nature in NK is very beautiful! The landscapes and mountains are surreal