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Best answer ever. I love this woman!

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"He deserved to have the girl he planned to marry"

This is a beautiful sentiment. You're a really kind person.

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Is "Reptile" a euphamism for something else? Like the British monarchy? Or Jews? or is it actually that he believes in freaking REPTILES?

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she answered 19 questions and then adios : /

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Not a Trekkie but a huge ds9 fan- just wanted to say you were by far the most delightful actor to watch in a sea of delightful actors. All your characters were played fantastically, especially weyoun.

In one of the bonus features there is an interview were you talk about playing weyoun and you made an analogy to being a sub in baseball and you hope to one day become part of the actual team (and you did one of the best baseball coach impressions ever).

Anyway, sorry for rambling but you're the best actor. My question is if you were offered a main cast role in a Star Trek would you take it outright? Or does it depend on the type of role? Would you like to play one of the good guys for once?

If you don't want to answer that then what is your favorite beer?