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Did burnt man-made materials in certain geographic areas pose greater threats to human and animal health than others? e.g. burning solar panels in a less populated rural area causing toxic debris on grazing lands, or ash from uv films on windows are particularly toxic?

Are certain prevalent building materials reaching melting or combustion points of greater risk than others?

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does diffuse smoke interfere with CPAP machine users?

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are there any signs for regulatory change to building codes to require air filters (post covid and wildfires)?

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Family relationship considerations: seeking support as needed for appointments without providing 'helpful advice' which is not based on medical or scientific best practices. What are typical recommendations for having family members providing support understand and accept the scope of what the patient is willing to act on for maximum patient compliance to a physical, mentally and emotionally challenging treatment plan?

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Caregiver or primary contact question: when there is little negative prognosis or the care team makes a series of incremental changes to the treatment plan that results in significant efforts that do not seem to result in even little measurable improvement for an extended period, what are the typical helpful mindsets or ways to deal with this?