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I started 3 years ago as well. Dove headfirst in. Ended up in the right place at the right time. Am now an architect and full stack dev for a mid size company. Living the dream.

Anyhoo... have you tried lambda/api gateway and dynamo? Cognitio for user auth. Will shrink your costs to near zero even with a good amount of users. Unlikely you need rds for your use case and would be fine with dynamo.

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After I learned the absolute basics of python I spent every waking hour that I wasn’t at work doing coding puzzles online. I loved it. Used it as a creative outlet too. I just found little interesting projects that were always beyond my skill level so I had to learn new stuff to complete them. Always wanted to make games so I had a pretty solid long term goal too.

I could never learn from courses. I tried. All my learning came from continuously attempting things over my head. There’s a specific answer for every question on stack overflow and other sites. Doing it that way skips all the boring stuff until you realize why you want to learn the boring stuff and it becomes interesting.

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I mainly used codefights. Which turned into codesignal and became less of a code golf site and more of a recruiting/advertising site. They had daily puzzles, and whole bunch of the same stuff you see on the hackerrank/project Euler sites. It’s all the same stuff everywhere. I liked the daily puzzles a lot though because it shows you everyone’s solutions after they are over. And it’s code golf so you are trying to get the shortest code. Which isn’t realistic, but it helps to think about the many different ways to solve problems

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Yeesh. The feed. Forgot about that. Can’t imagine a (good) way to do that with dynamo.

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See my other comment... that was how I jumped in. I stayed in by being an after school teacher to the right persons kids. Hes was a full stack web dev. Private owned small business. Told him I’d work for free if he taught me some stuff. His first assignment was to read a 500 page java book in 3 days. I only knew python. I read that book and learned nothing. But over the next few months I def learned back and front end and he started paying me. Then beginning of last year he became cto of a company and took me with him as his right hand guy.