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Did you start meditating? Would you consider your former self a hermit?

Godspeed for you and your business, mate.

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Wow, that's one hell of an arm. Thank you for your insight! Can't wait to see you drumming with it!

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Do you use a parasol for protection against the sun?

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A kind thank you, from the Imgur community.

an hour to give me morphine

Fucking hell, that's brutal.

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Thanks for doing this AMA!

  1. Do you know Jason Barnes?
  2. I've seen that Unlimited Tomorrow has reached out to you to get you a prosthetic, which is really cool, but I haven't been able to find any video material of the Unlimited Tomorrow-arm actually working. Do you have any video of it in action, or can you tell me how it'll work?
  3. Why haven't you gotten a prosthetic already? There've been a few viable options on the market, from simple myoeletric hooks to the bebionic hand. Is it the price, or did you simply not feel the need for one, until UT reached out and offered one?