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Thanks for doing this AMA! Is there any sort of "talk" that you are given by your host country or by NBC or the Olympic Committee regarding how you are supposed to act or regarding political statements or topics that might be sensitive to the Olympics?

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Hello! For those of us in Northern California, are there any dormant volcanoes near us? Any that you see possibly erupting in the next few centuries? If there are any dormant/extinct volcanoes here - are there any you would recommend hiking to try and learn about them - find old lava beds, etc?

Edit: just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic answers! You've given me some great ideas for hikes this summer. I have had the opportunity to climb Arenal in Costa Rica (and go swimming in the lake that has formed in its crater) and it was an incredible experience. Looking forward to learning a bit more about the volcanos in my own neck of the woods.