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So, is that "Photo-pea" or "Photo-pee-ah"?

(The idea of naming it after a small green vegetable amuses me)

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None of this means that you couldn't have sued him (though someone may have told you that you couldn't). For the US Government to extend their immunity to him as a member of their organization, they would have to argue in court that he was acting "on their behalf" when he choked you half to death, and that he was not doing something they wouldn't have sanctioned.

Look at it this way, if one of my employees at the hot dog stand I'm at decides to shoot a customer in the face. I could argue that shooting customers in the face is not part of his job at Weiner World, and thus I could not be sued for his actions. It works the same in reverse, for the soldier to be immune as an agent of the government, choking innocent civilians to death would have to be sanctioned by the government as "part of his job".

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"...our story made it to Forbes Magazine"

You mean your story about how you fucked up badly and have barely recovered?


You guys can't possibly be serious.

Your product is significantly more expensive than anything similar in the market. In fact when it comes to jasmine blended teas, you're probably ten or twenty times as expensive as other extraordinarily good jasmine infused teas.

If you think you're fooling anyone by selling it bagged at >$1/cup, you're delusional.

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20 tea bags is huge?

(I'll agree that the price is absolutely ridiculous though).

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We'd pull this guy's asshole up over his head and push him back out the door.