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Hey Frank, You're playing a show this Sunday with Dropkick. Is there going to be any point in which you will have a meet and greet with any fans? I'm really looking forward to the show and didn't know if you'd be meeting the audience at all.

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As I just got engaged, and am a huge fan of the band as a whole ( I have 3 Avett related tattoos, as well as all the albums and recordings I can find of course), what song do you think should be my soon to be bride and I's wedding song? (Out of the Avett Bros catalog?)

Also question for Joe, how do you swing around a cello like that? You must be ripped at this point! Keep on being amazing!

Last edit: Is there a good version of the recording of kick drum heart that was on the Paris part 2 video that crackerfarm released? It's a slowed down version and it is beautiful.

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I'm not a huge biker, but my brother is, and I just wanted to say thank you for featuring the Find Brian Histand stuff on the site a while back. I lived with Brian for a while, and he was a friend of mine. Just wanted to say thank you for the exposure you had for the cause.


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http://m.imgur.com/FlPc1p1 Im the guy! Although having the gf in the picture would not be bad!