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FishyCase5 karma

Oh wow, that's weird. Here hash is relatively cheaper (except from one called ice, that even more expansive than the most expansive weed), and considered milder (more a high than weed, weed is considered more of stoned. Dunno if that means the same in America). Also concentrates/extracts are illegal I believe.

FishyCase4 karma

Is hash a thing in America? Just curious, I don't hear about it. It's pretty populair in the Netherlands.

FishyCase2 karma

Oh sorry I live in the Netherlands, and I believe most of the hash is made from 'crappier' batches. You know with more stems and such, not desirable for buds. But maybe it's just because weed over here is kinda a grey area. It's allowed to sell (not legal), but farming it is still illegal. It is now way better in America unfortunately, at least in the states where it is allowed.