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I have two questions:

1.) What is the most serious threat to security both on a personal and national scale

2.) What do you believe is the largest security risk (person and national) is on the horizon?

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Senator Sanders, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Down through our history, there are great stories of wonderful orators calling upon their countrymen, political brethren and constituents, directing us to action on any number of wide-ranging topics. From joining together to fight a common foe as Patrick Henry did in colonial Williamsburg, or the voice of Malcolm X as he gave the “Bullet or Ballot” speech. As much as politics has noted the impassioned firebrand for their call to stand up for their rights and their societies, the true politicians have always been the ones who were able to walk both sides of the political aisle: the moderate. In the last 2 decades, US politics has become almost a warzone of “us vs. them” for each side, from arch-conservatives to far-left leaning democrats the actual number of moderate voices in our government has dwindled to an all-time low of only 11%. Without the ability of the staunch moderate to communicate among the parties, without their ability to broker deals and compromise among the two political groups (conservative and liberal) do you believe that we will be able to survive and come back from the trenches we are currently engaging each other in and how do you see that happening?