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What's RTA? I'm blind and very desperate for subsidized transportation because cabs are expensive.

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We do and it gets expensive.

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Not many but you can adapt to most jobs pretty quickly and find workarounds for almost every visually demanding task beyond driving and the super intricate stuff takes a bit longer to adapt to and can be really straining on your eyes with low vision for extending periods of time.

The issue is sometimes these adaptions and workarounds challenge company policy or the business is super conservative in their work environment and uncomfortable with you finding alternative solutions personalized to your needs.

Source: I'm a blind CNC machinist with various industrial experience. Never experienced struggling beyond solution or adaption at work, at least that wasn't vital to my job. But definitely had supervisors that had problems with how I work.

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I try to tell people that I have never worked a job without facing at least some barriers in either keeping that job or not having my work held under a microscope. And sometimes it gets really severe and I get buried in the company before even making a mistake. People aren't even secretive about it, if you're young and blind they'll say "We're worried about your vision so we're going to move you here... " which essentially implies they also don't plan on trusting you to say you'll be fine and are functioning.

Its ridiculous at this point. I have years of industrial experience and experience working with power tools and machines and I'll get vetted for my vision in interviews for desk jobs and retail. "You gonna handle this job? You have to read computer screens sometimes?" Like??? I think I'll be fine seeing as they trusted me around manufacturing equipment at my last job??

Some jobs also claim something needs a specific level of visual accuity to do the job despite you having a work around already adapted. I tried working at a bottle sorting plant and got to orientation. They told me "name these colors" I couldn't name them, but side by side could differentiate them due to my incomplete achromatopsia limiting color clarity. They said "have a nice day". And a lot of jobs that don't require driving will require a driver's license for no reason than to... I guess vet anyone who can't run to the store when they run out of coffee for a break room? Make sure you'll show up to work? Who knows

And even if you find a job that leaves you alone it still has to be walking or bike or bus distance you better make damn good money for you to cab your way out to every day until you find a coworker to bribe for rides. Living rural for a lot of my life meant I never really had a job unless I could network a carpool.

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I'm legally blind and remember getting bombarded with resources to look into massage therapy. Sounds like there's definitely a protection for blind massage therapists in America too.