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What do you mean by this, "any packaging of any kind"? Is a plastic baggie considered packaging? If a seller goes this route, how do they make sales, straight from a big bowl?

Also, I was REALLY excited to see this AMA: I've been wanting to go truffle hunting for years with a proper hunter (not on one of those overpriced guided tours in Italy). I guess what I'm saying is that I want to become friends with a truffle hunter.

How did you get involved with the scene in Italy? Would you have any recommendations on how to become acquainted with the culture? I currently live in Germany, but I'm unaware of any truffle activity here. I do have the advantage of knowing a couple Italians, though!

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That's really a bummer to hear. I wonder if a university or church would be willing to participate. I belong to a large, public university's gym and they have a whole bank of laundry machines. Though perhaps they wouldn't be excited about dozens or hundreds of homeless people milling around campus, even during summer break. A church might be more likely.

I hope you're eventually able to acquire enough funding to pay down that debt, and maybe even take a salary someday! If I had the money to be a philanthropist, you'd be exactly the type of organization I'd fund. I'll check back in twenty years and see how you're doing :P

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Do you ever team up with a local laundromats?

I have long had the daydream of having a mobile shower unit that occasionally pairs with brick and mortar facilities, but suspect few places would want to shut down their operations for a day.

You said you acquired the IRV within weeks of starting - was this all done out of pocket or were you able to acquire outside funding that quickly?