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Hello! I have a 3 month old puppy (I was always going to get one around this time, it wasn't pandemic-related). And I have an older dog, as well. Right now, potty training is going relatively well, he sleeps most of the day in my office while I work but otherwise gets a lot of potty breaks when he's awake. He's done very well with crate training. I'm wondering when it'll be safe to leave him at home during the work day. I'd try leaving him for increasing increments of time, but other than work we don't really go anywhere (b/c of Covid). I want to avoid coming home to a bunch of potty accidents and I don't think he'll sleep all day since he'll have my other dog to play with. I'm assuming I shouldn't crate him the whole day, but wasn't sure if that might be an OK option at first. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Yes we have tons of Dutch dairy farmers here! Thank you for the answer. That's pretty much what I assumed, Americans would be much lower on the list with so many EU options being so much simpler as far as the hiring process. I'll be in the Netherlands in a couple of weeks and plan to eat lots of cheese, so I hope that helps the industry :-)

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OK thank you! That's helpful, I was wondering if I should perhaps keep the dogs separate while I'm out. At least while the puppy is young and not yet at 100% on potty training. I think we're on track as far as the timing of his potty breaks being compatible with what they'd be if he stays home while I'm at work. I was also thinking of leaving him in the kitchen at first as we have a secure baby gate between the kitchen and the rest of the house. So the two dogs could see each other, but they'd be physically separate.

I'll check out your link, thanks again!

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My question wasn't specific enough, but I wasn't referring to manual/farm labor, I was referring to professional-level jobs (typically, but not always, college-educated).