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Do you feel a large portion of the attention this is getting as of late within the provincial governement is solely due to the election cycle. If so, should be worried of lack of attention, or worse a roll back on initiatives, once the election is done?

The fact it took this long for anyone to even call a spade a spade let alone take action is concerning.

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Why should we feel sympathy for those that gambled/played greed and put all their eggs in one basket?

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False ecomony. Displaces a population, drives up debt for residents trying to live here. Because no roots and pure speculation, the longer it goes on the larger problem you have you can't control. If those not living her pull out enmasse, it would devastate the city as the market will crash hard and leave many upside down. We need a crash now as the longer we wait the more painful it will be.

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short term pain needed - on the backs of those that have accumulated wealth through speculation (indirect or as a side benefit) I don't see why not.

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who are you referring to? Who is everyone else (I'm not being combative - I'm serious)?