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So I dont want to come off as rude but I gotta ask why do this? You're visiting 7.5 parks a day on average. Isnt the point of a park to visit them and enjoy it? Are you doing it just to say you did it? I mean more power to you for whatever your reasoning. I'm just trying to understand why youd do this in under such time constraint.

I'm originally from Georgia. We had some beautiful state parks back there. Mosquitos are a bitch though. Lol

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I read all of that as Captain Janeway. Ive seen her character in OITNB but I dont care for it that much. Ill always see her as the mama bear protecting her cubs on Voyger.

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Mmm Garret Wang was hot back in the day

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It quite is. My bf's mom is Korean and she has had at least two face lifts that I know of. She flew back to Korea specifically to have them as well.

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As any good super hero would know if hes impervious to everything but his own knowledge then you use his own knowledge against him!