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Number 2 was kind of a surprise. Tbh I was hoping i got the genes that kept great grandma going to 107.

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Google can make a ton of money for hosting innovations in the "imprisoning women" sector of the Saudi economy, that's how I see it.

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What sort of infrastructure would you recommend?

u/sandrogalea sorry to be needy, but I'm really curious! Please answer if you get a chance :)

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That seems like a massive concession to the billionaires. What if we just set up a tax code designed to gradually siphon away the wealth of billionaires and start a sovereign wealth fund so everyone owns a share and receives a dividend. Added bonus: government has more power to limit fossil fuel production through investment.

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calorie dense (but non-nutritive) food is being sold on dollar menus across this country. Access to healthy food is great, but folks who are addicted to cheese burgers aren't going to start eating kale, even if that kale is free.

I'd be curious whether evidence shows this. My guess is that people generally choose healthier when it's available. I would also guess that Dr. Galea knows what he is talking about, and if he says that the problem is availability of healthy food (not personal choice) I would guess that the evidence supports that. He is a dean of public health, you don't get there by ignoring scientific evidence.