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Fire_And_Blood_73 karma

Hi Dr. Kohn!

I have a few questions, an answer to any would be very much appreciated.

1) how could we expedite the process to create more tests? In a realistic way, how can we mass produce the tests and QUICK?

2) what is the trouble with finding treatments? Or how come it’s so difficult for us to find reliable treatment? And how can we expedite this process? Is it true about the malaria and z-pack?

3) To add to that, same questions for finding a vaccine; besides the trial phases which I know take time, I feel like we’ve had much difficulty creating a vaccine. How does this process go quicker?

Sorry to overload you with questions, again any answers would be so much appreciated!

Fire_And_Blood_71 karma

Thank you! To piggy back off that, what could we, as US people do to push companies fo volunteer to do so? Would this have to be government mandated? Er how do we get more enlisted?