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Finneranfan26 karma

The guy who who said that Hillary was a pawn of evil Goldman Sachs while filling his administration with the most Goldman personnel ever? The guy who made it 500 bucks more expensive to buy a house as his first act? The guy who puts the CEO of Exxon who he never met in as SoS who is slowly dismantling the State Department? When does the "correction" start from this crooked moron?

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Howie, is there as much documentation of the Kennedys calling black men "40 oz drinkers" as there is of you calling them that?

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Gee, Howie, how do you justify a book excoriating the Kennedy's for their bad behavior while rumpswabbing the behind of a man who admits to sexual assault like Trump?

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Howie, which do you find more inspiring, JFK standing up to Khrushchev or Trump kissing the ass of Putin?

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So why are you not screaming about ICE not knocking down the doors of Irish illegals in Brighton? Or the many Brazilian and Portuguese illegals in New Bedford and Fall River? They're committing crimes by just being here, are they not? And if you were reporting on crimes committed by illegal Irish, would you play a car horn version of "Danny Boy"?