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A magazine here ran a big interview with a sex worker years ago, one thing that stuck with me was she said people would be surprised by the amount of clients not wanting any sex at all, they were just lonely and this was the only way they could talk to someone, even married guys. Had any of that?

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Well, it is being researched. The University Hospital of North Norway, located in Harstad, Norway, did a study on fecal transplants in 2017.

I'm uncertain if posting links would violate terms, but you can easily find data on it by googling 'harstad fecal transplant study"

I'm not making a comment on the credibility of anything OP is publishing, just stating that scientific research on the effects of fecal transplants is being done.

I am a diagnosed IBS patiant, so I remember the media on this study got my attention. As far as I remember, in short, a majority of the patients experienced benign results, but a lot of them relapsed after about 8 months.

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You make it sound easy, but it isn't always like that. Job searching can de a demanding process, even impossible if you work most waking hours. Different jobs might not be abundant in your area. Ever heard of unemployment?

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Assuming your motorcycle ran on fossil fuel, how do you feel about the carbon footprint?