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Hi Kevin,

I’m a journalist and frequently we are forced to self-censor ourselves when trying to interview politicians and hold them to account, to prevent being blacklisted or stonewalled.

What advice could you give me and my colleagues about toeing that fine line, but pressuring politicians on a deeper level?

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So you've already said Disney is the most popular wish - what percentage of kids ask for a Disney related wish, be it -world -land or cruise.

Have you ever had a really bizarre wish, or something that's made you laugh? (Not at the kid hopefully, but in general)

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Hi Richard,

For those of us who live in ultra-marginal seats, should we vote Labor 1 followed by our preferred candidates, or our preferred candidate with Labor in a high preference, if our goal is to remove the incumbent Liberal candidate?

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Either this or an RPG! Would love to see either of those.