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Instead, they just say "Sorry, you're just not the type of person we're looking for" and leave them feeling frustrated, right..?

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20,000 years coupled with the loss of technology—no.

Yeah, completely agree. Guess that's the case with Dune.

Thanks for the answer! I'll keep playing with the language. It's mainly "obviously English/French/Serbian/German" words but with altered spelling and missing syllables, so it feels more naturally evolved over a short amount of time rather than completely and utterly changed.

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And we're talking about twenty thousand years?! Not a single shred of the language should be recognizable.

While I don't know Dune specifically, surely heavy preservation efforts (plus globalisation) would prevent a dominant language from deviating too much, even over a great amount of time?

I ask as I'm attempting to construct a language in a sci fi, albeit set only 600 years in the future, where dominant European languages have slowly been perverted due to a disconnect of new planetary colonies with Earth.

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From a town in South Somerset. They're called "billy bakers" here. Not sure why...

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I'm trying to learn to play at the moment - how do you play with both hands at once? Is there a sort of "eureka moment" where your brain just figures it out? I can barely co-ordinate 4 fingers on one hand and it feels impossible to play two things at once.