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I'm still kicking myself for trying to jump that ravine in Summerspell...


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I met Andy and Jon in college doing theater. And everyone else doing New York theater. Everyone on the show are among my dearest friends and people who's improv skill I desperately needed to harness for my own nefarious ends. - Paulo

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Our third episode we recorded was Die Hard. And it was all maps and tactics, and it was just me and Pitr. And we had fun, but I realized midway through the game that it wouldn't be very fun to listen to, just a lot of poking heads around corners and tactically sneaking up on people.

Now I think we could make most movies work. It was more a function of not having figured out the format very well at that early point. - Paulo

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Yeah, actually for the most part it's in there in some film-appropriate form. Usually hidden really far off the beaten path. I don't even always know how or why the players would ever wind up where I put it, but it's become part of the world-building process for me. Something that cool has to be hidden deeeeep. They've never gotten really even that close to it, but if it ever does happen, it's going to be amazing.

Favorite place I've hidden it is on this storm planet in E.T. it was half-way across the galaxy from them, but I was picturing the location and it was super metal. I really wanted them to get there, but they barely left Earth in that game. sigh . . .

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That's like asking us to quantify infinity. It's too vast to contemplate. -Scott