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Thanks for being here with us, though I can't imagine you anywhere else but on Reddit all the time. ;)

What made you want to start commenting here so prolifically? Do you ever go through slumps?

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How was it? I am used to tea, Earl Grey, hot. But ice cream? That's a new one.

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Also a scientist and really disappointed this has not been answered. Without peer reivew examples we are just taking their word for it.

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One of my favorite pigeon papers is about their visual acuity. Pigeons can actually discriminate Picasso's paintings from Monet's (Watanabe et al., 1995). If anyone is interested in an easier news read of this topic here is an article Picasso, Monet And Pigeons – An Unlikely Trio.

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Hello and thank you for doing this AMA. I am an ecologist and have bred roaches for research but certainly not at that scale! What is the most challenging issue you face dealing with millions of roaches? What does your setup look like?