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How was the Royal Rumble?

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Here's another, posing in front of their respective rodential counterparts: https://36.media.tumblr.com/932a40c2580d51c9020029d29a131913/tumblr_nw71o9jpw01r2ad2vo1_500.jpg

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I feel like academically (JD from top school), I'm overqualified for a lot of jobs, but in terms of experience, I have little to offer (mainly several years of admin/exec asst work). I don't want to work in law, but find it hard to segue into anything else. For what it's worth, I HIGHLY disagree when people say "you can do anything with a law degree" because that has NOT been the case for me.
Do you find the discrepancy between academic and professional experience often? How do people overcome it? How to best segue out of a field you have the most academic experience in? Some have suggested I omit my time at law school, but that creates a 5 year gap on my resume.

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