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Fibronacho533 karma

MAN! I'm a high school computer science teacher. I built my curriculum on accessibility whatever the financial means or the starting knowledge with computers.

Photopea is AWESOME. The kids get it real quick, they never fumble with the interface as with the open-source main alternative...

A cloud-based app means I don't start crying when we have to teach remotely as with covid... With kids using PC's, Macs, damn Chromebooks, there are not a thousand options!

So, when is Videopea coming out? ;)

Many, many thanks, you rock!

Fibronacho95 karma

I'm lucky enough to use decent 8gb ram ssd equipped desktops with large screens, so the kids have a decent workspace. It's no 3090 monsters, but it gets the work done!

My school board usually buys 13in. laptops for everyday use and it's enough for most of what they do with them.

At some point, it would be fantastic if you implemented local-drive libraries like in Lightroom, ever considered it?

Fibronacho69 karma

So far, I really enjoy your roadmap, you have a great sense of priority.

I'll be happy to discover what you have planned!


Thanks again, bonne nuit!