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How much was the total cost? Both estimated and actual.

Also, any times where your life felt actually threatened by either man or animals?

Thanks for your time!

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The Verge is running circles around you guys now with their site design and quality of content (IMO). How do you plan to maintain your competitiveness with them, and all the other tech sites really stepping up their game.

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I had a friend get sucker punched and his pack stolen when he was offered a ride. Threw his pack in the back and was walking around to get in then BAM, KO. :(

Still looking forward to when I can do the trail!

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Is your tribe accepting of outsiders? How would one arrange a visit to meet your people and learn your customs?

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Thanks for your reply! Wasn't trying to come off as a jerk. I do agree that simpler is better, but I find jalopnik's newest design to be hard to quickly browse. The summary at the top of biggest stories helps with that (similar to engadgets).

It says a lot that you took the time to do this so I appreciate it, and hope you guys continue to grow!