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Right, I came here to say this. She also pointed out female dominated careers but those careers are typically female dominated because of how women are trained in life from a young age. Of course males wont become nurses when it's considered women's work and they get mocked. The other way around is the same when women's sanity is questioned for trying something that's male dominated.

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I noticed in the TL;DW version they referred to the shark as "her". I'm completely naive to sharks and their characteristics. What are the defining traits between a male and female? Also, is there notable differences between the sexes (like weight, color variations, etc.)?

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Huh, thank you! Very nifty source!

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I'm working on a master's degree in mental health counseling (just beginning!) and I'm curious: seeing as you have a degree in social work and you work exclusively with dating and relationships, how do you deal with clients feeling pressured by societal norms such as "being a man" and what the media tells them women want/they should be?

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