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Did you ever shotted a guy and he was all "ahhuggguuh" then his wife came out and was like "husband no!" Then she saw you and was all like he's cute and she showed you her boobs and then said you could touch them but you didn't cuz you knew it was a trap and she like keeps rattle snakes in her bra?

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Back in the day we always found it absolutely hilarious to drop large rocks (baseballish size) down the vent while our buddies were doing their business causing a splash of nasty liquid and several curses. Now friends and coworkers obviously deserve it so no regrets there. But how much of an asshole were we to the guy who had to clean it out?

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:( Sorry if you had to deal with that at any green river sites.

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You've done a lot dealing with the adult predators. What are your plans, if any, on dealing with those sexy sexy children?

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I've got an old Windsor international in great working condition that I love riding, but it's really starting to show it's age. How would you suggest cleaning up some rust spots and there paint while keeping the original look?