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FestivalSnob151 karma

Will there be screens added to the tents this year to make it easier to actually see the artists during popular performances? It is especially hard at The Other Tent to see ANY of the stage if you are forced to stand outside the tent and at the top of the hill due to the angle. Also, the screens can be used to live stream other shows occuring in between the acts at the paticular tent. As well as advertising that could offset the price.

FestivalSnob68 karma

I have never once seen a Comedy act at Bonnaroo due to not wanting to wait hours in line just for a ticket, only to have to come back and wait in line again to get in. Are there any plans in the future to change the way the Comedy Tent is ticketed?

FestivalSnob61 karma

Can you enlighten us to any exciting acts that you wanted to book for Bonnaroo 2015 but things eventually didn't work out?

FestivalSnob55 karma

You simply reply "YEEZY SEASON APPROACHIN!!!!"

FestivalSnob26 karma

Do you guys have a good idea of the full list of artists who will appear at the Atomic set at Bonnaroo this year?