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Judging by your responses so far, you aren't here to answer question but to shill your book

Why bother responding at all If it's going to be 'Buy my book' ?

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that many now. earlier, more. answers have been revised. revisions and redactions prove to me more than anything else that you were part of CIA and FBI.

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that's one of those, if you have to ask why, you won't understand the answer type of questions.

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Yup, and there it is. You don't understand.

The type of folks that want a flamethrower, and take the time and effort to get something custom fabricated by burning man artists aren't the type of folks who are going to be a problem by having one.

I don't think you should have one unless you can make it yourself.

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The need is 'that's cool'. I imagine....

More philosophically, making the chair an asset to be proud of and empowered by, rather than an object of disability