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What's the 'low hanging fruit' of cooking that beginners might ignore or undervalue?

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Firstly I'd like to say I love your book. It's on my shelf and it's an amazing read.

In case of a actual collapse in society - do you think there are any special social measures we will need to take to prevent everyone from devolving into violent looters? Or, do you think we are just so social that humans will work together for the common good?

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Do you run support groups for members? do you even divide the groups on gender lines? if so do you enforce biological gender or the gender they identify as?

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Do you ever have issues with male or female clients when a trans client goes into the male/female group? They may have had a completely different experience of life and not have been told or taught the same types of things (i.e. their sex and gender don't line up so the values they were instilled with my be the opposite of the group). Perhaps this is more specific to the work I do but I thought id ask. I run groups for men and have concerns that if someone transgendered goes into the group it will create tension because of the lack of a shared life experience. (note that im not opposed to this but I am preparing for its inevitable occurrence)