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What are your views on the UK in the European Union? Should the UK be more integrated, or should the UK be moving father away?

What are your views on the largely forgotten Ukrainian war, and how the west seems to have abboandoned them?

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Father, I was baptized at a young age, and have been raised spiritually, but I never really went to church.

I am interested in starting going, but I get nervous feeling I won't be welcomed or I won't understand what's going on. Do you have any advice? Can I just walk into any Catholic church for mass and it be okay?

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They don't exsist because commies don't want to put the work in to actually make a successful business. They just want to hop on someone elses work and someone else's stuff that's up for collateral and then complain they aren't as equal as the owner.

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The NFL has recently raised the question to change the PAT scoring rule. What are your thoughts? Do you think they should change?