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Do you expect to run into, and/or destroy any city walls?

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I would gladly accept new information if the sources you provided didn't have such a high amount of tendency that calling them information would be a stretch.

Also, from the way you're using the word viking it does not seem like you know what they were. Same with the phrase cognitive dissonance.

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It's strange how often that's the case.

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Reputable sources etc etc

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Nah, you should probably go to the sources, SCB, BRĂ…, all of our statistics are readily availible online and in whatever language you want it.

And of course we track crimes by refugees, it's just not that interesting of a statistic because they conform to the exact same behaviour all other humans do. There was actually a major study on it last year, they're generally less likely to be criminal considering the poverty rates among them than any other group. The most problematic group are 3rd generation immigrants, and that's an integration issue, not a migration issue.

Also, we're not melting down viking artifacts doing such a thing would probably carry prison time, stop talking out of your ass and read a book.