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When your pallet consists of chicken nuggies, pizza rolls, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; greasy, cardboard pizza is king.

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No Steve, I don't need extra syrup, I said extra backup

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UBI... Yay or nay? And why.

Thank you kindly! Love Planet Money.

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So pedestrian safety... Does this include more green space, increased walkability factors, and bike lanes?

What's your favorite thing to include in any plan?

Are you hired by a community development team(non-profit), by the transportation bureau (government), or a private firm?

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We currently have rent a scooters or bikes and ride sharing where individuals rent transportation for a period of time, but don't own it.

What makes you think that we're going to own autonomous cars? Wouldn't it be cheaper to rent an autonomous vehicle instead of owning it outright to just circle around?