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This may be an unpopular post but here goes. We all agree the financial crisis was really bad, but were laws really broken or were people just exploiting known holes in the system? I'm talking about unethical vs illegal. Are we just angry and wanting to jail people over ethics or were actual laws broken?

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Another reason why I love Mark Cuban. Did you see his video when he trashed the magic ion bands from his locker room?

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I live in San Diego, there is a checkpoint on the I5 north about 40 miles north of the border in Camp Pendleton. They occasionally check cars going through but I always wonder what they're looking for specifically (I know "what" they're looking for but what signs are they looking for in order to stop a suspicious car?). I have a Mexican girlfriend they never stop us or ask us questions just wave us through. EDIT: spelling EDIT2: update edit notes

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How much of a problem are the checkpoint trolls who intentionally won't answer questions and are constantly complaining that you're trampling their constitutional rights?

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It's not meaningless if the question is "why is only one person in jail". Unethical isn't illegal. It might be unethical for my boss to jack up his prices or water down his soup (not an apples to apples comparison I know) but you can't throw someone in jail for ethics.

We're never going to get anywhere if we keep screaming "throw someone in jail for using loopholes unethically", that'll be about as effective as Occupy Wall Street. They're never going to go to jail because they didn't break the law. If we focused our efforts instead on: how can we plug loop holes and should we make certain practices illegal going forward we can prevent it from happening again.

Edit just to add this: I'm not condoning or "for" those who caused the crisis. Just trying to impart some pragmatics.