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That is absolutely fascinating. Kinda messes around with our cultural definitions of dead/alive and consent, especially the vampire one.

I wonder if it's a keyword problem with zombies? Like, if you had a "zombie" that doesn't rot, is fully intelligent, and prefers to drink blood, could you fuck it?

Well, that's certainly a sentence I just wrote.

I also if it has anything to do with international release? I know in China in particular there's some cultural taboos around zombies, bones, and flesh that have had game developers have to censor zombie content....

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I'm curious about the labyrinthine rules from Amazon: what things do they allow/not allow that you found surprising or annoying?

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Doubles are often used for framing a scene, too. Getting camera angles and lighting and timing right takes practice for the crew, and body doubles can be stand ins for the actors on those practice runs

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