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FemmeDeLoria9 karma

Yep! 6 years ago next month. Normally you're supposed to exchange 6 letters or something specific like that before you can exchange info but she asked to bypass it. Apparently I'm the only 1 of 4 recipients from that donor to write her back.

I'm surprised they don't let you exchange info at all, but I 100% get why they have those restrictions at least in the beginning. I hope you're able to find him! That was really cool of him to send you a copy of the heartbeat.

FemmeDeLoria5 karma

There's a way to exchange info, at least in the US. My heart donor's mom applied for it, and I was sent a form to fill out. It basically was like "hey she would like to exchange info, you cool with that? If so, write the info you'd like us to send her."

Ask your transplant center (the people you sent your letter through) about it.