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which particular thought kept you going forward during the hardest moments of your fights? what would you advice to someone with 23 years old?

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Thanks sir. My sister's husband is a captain at the navy of the country where I live and I've heard similar things about their research centers which caught my attention. So I'll consider your words during the next days.

Wishing you a nice time here on Reddit.

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did you have experiences that didn't let you sleep quietly during your job at the CIA? which one(s)? (i mean, if you can tell openly)
Also considering the philosophy of life you acquired there, what would you advice to people who are the same age you had when joining the CIA?

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I love these kind of videos. Wishing a cool day for you, John. I have three questions:
1) If someone tries to learn krav maga by themselves (alone in a room) 1 hour per day, how skilled might them be in a real situation? I'm really interested on this discipline.
2) Which advices would you give me in order to become more confident as to learning self defense by myself?
3) (I don't know if this is the right question for the right person, but...) How did you make your youtube channel grow like that in 7 years??? no wonder it's natural growth because i find good content there; i mean... how were your earliest days on youtube like?

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Hi David, Wishing a cool day for you from here, man. Just a question: what would you advice to all those indie musicians/producers/amateur mixing engineers who want to make a living from music? all my "knowledge" comes from practicing some beethoven/schubert on piano, and some concert guitar, for example.