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What would you do in that situation? Serious question because I don't understand what other option he had at that point. That woman was not going to stop.

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You're not a rich and famous man on the set of SNL. Don't feel too bad :D

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Chris! Huge fan of Beautiful Anonymous.

Why do you call your mom Sally? That's your mom her name is mom! As a fellow New Jerseyan I know you know better.

Love the show and find you to be very relatable.

Quick edit: also it's pork roll you north jersey swine.

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It's not wrong, just incredibly difficult.

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Hey man I met you at Bamboozle in 2012. You were very cool and it was a pleasure to meet you. The crowd at the after party was super weak especially since they were all there for Pauly D. They couldn't handle your heavy shit.

So since I need to ask a question, so far what has been your favorite venue to perform at?