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He associated speaking with looking and if he couldn't see your face he just didn't realize you could still communicate without watching someone's hands and face

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One time my family went to the ripleys aquarium and the entire time she kept telling us to keep quiet and just look. Before we left we had to sit quietly with my grandma for a while. I found out my mom went to the manager and explained that we were all deaf and it was an audio tour and she felt it was not fair that her children didn't enjoy the same experience as everyone else and she got all her money back. My moms a schemer.

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Yes I have 2 hearing brothers and a grandma in the house.

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My grandma lives with us that helped. but my mom is extremely observant and kept me in view constantly

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Yes and my mom has this issue where if I talk in front of her and she doesn't see my face I'm automatically talking shit about her so.sometimes I walk by, turn my head and say potato salad or something, and she'll be like "hey I know you cursed at me!"