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I got a Python story related to German: I punctured my lung when I was young, got a staph infection, and was miserable in the hospital, doped up on morphine. I asked my parents to rent every Python video in the store. Big mistake.

While "The Funniest Joke in the World" skit was playing I started uncontrollably laughing/coughing up blood. Coughing up blood was a good thing, because all the stale blood in my lungs was a bacterial breeding ground. But, it's extremely painful to laugh if you recently had a collapsed lung . The remote control was on a table with wheels, and when I tried to spasmodically grab it to turn off the funniest joke skit, it rolled away.

Then the thought occurred to me that I would die laughing watching a skit about people dying from laughter, which made it funnier. I had to hit the emergency button to page the Nurse, and I did so repeatedly. When she came in she was extremely concerned. I was in tears, blood on my face, jerking spasmodically, and unable to talk or breathe. Eventually I was able to choke-out "Turn... it... off!!"

Edit: Thanks for the gold! And yeah, it turned out not to be such a bad thing. The nurses had been encouraging me to cough, and I had been refusing. The nurse told my parents that Monty Python did the trick, and my parents insisted I keep watching it. My fever went down after a couple days, and I was home with a Heimlich valve dangling out of my side after a week. I'm not a religious man, but I've known the healing power of Python.

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What does that even mean? Zach Braff is almost as cryptic as Snoop Lion.

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Also, it can't recover from acidic oceans. For all those who say carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant, it's important to remember that man-made CO2 gas has raised the acidity of the oceans by 30% since the industrial revolution.

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Salmon swim across a third of the world only to die with seagulls pecking out their eyeballs as acid dissolves their own flesh for energy. I suspect the sex is never worth it for individuals of that species.

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Pure logic.

Your proof is brilliant; humanity would have waited countless millennia without you.