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My brother has a traumatic brain injury.... And he too has no filter. Can be awkward and/or really mean sometimes but has no clue because he also doesn't have a great sense of social awareness anymore. People tend to not realize how sensitive the brain can be and how big of an impact even small injuries can have on a life.

Best of luck in your continued recovery

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I don't know any more than you about OP, but I am a "caregiver" to my brother who suffered a TBI 9 months ago (age 23). He is mostly independent but the part of his brain effected impairs his logic and reasoning skills (among other things) so he is a bit if a hazard to himself and potentially others. Simple things he can handle, like cooking in the oven or I can have him call to set up his own doctors appointments. But more complex things, like using a knife to cut stuff or dealing with (medical) bill collectors he needs help dealing with.

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If you do get active with awareness and support stuff I'd totally be down for helping! I'm looking into getting involved with stuff for TBI/ABI because of everything we've experienced with my brother.