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When you say "one free refusal", how long does that protection last? That is, do they have to let you leave (presuming they don't have other reasons to keep you)? Can they pull you over again down the road and demand you take one or get a misdemeanor? Radio another officer to pull you over a mile away?

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Got it. So they will only ask you to blow if they've already decided to book you? Presumably at that point the only thing that is going to let you leave is blowing under the legal limit?

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Conservative voters are proudly suspicious of all mainstream media (on average, moreso than Dem voters), and we're talking about an endorsement for Biden so why would that even make anyone but conservatives suspicious?

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I'm not looking for advice re: drinking and driving. Never have, never intend to, know people who have made the mistake in a big way. I was simply asking about the legal aspect (what the purpose of allowing a free refusal was, how far it goes, etc) so thank you for the information along that front.

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Ah, so it was mischaracterized above. Thank you.