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I might’ve participated in the same thing. Blockbuster video (rip) held some video game championship where the winner would go onto nationals. You could pick Nintendo or Sega .. I owned a Nintendo but for some reason I picked Sega, maybe I was more familiar with the games because my cousin owned one? It was like NBA Jam, Sonic and some racing game. I remember crushing the top score by a large margin, then suddenly some player signs up late to the competition and mysteriously beats my score. All I got was a sticker that I put on my Nintendo (which was later stolen). I’m still bitter about all of this if you can tell.

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A shame there aren’t any classic SNES tournaments where I can go and prove that my all my time spent as a youth behind a controller wasn’t in vain. Age sucks though and seeing how much time I’ve clocked into Overwatch and how terrible I still am versus the majority... maybe I still have muscle memory from the original Mario Kart.

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One thing that scared a lot of us CS grads away from the gaming industry was the exhaustive work schedule. Do you work a lot of > 40 hour weeks?