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I'm afraid I'll need her amount of partying to be equated in fractions of Andrew W.K.'s. It sounds like Ke$sha's partying quotient is equal to roughly 2/10's of an Andrew W.K.

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I lost my mom to ovarian cancer about 6 years ago.

What puzzled everyone (including the doctors) is how the samples they took from her were getting eradicated in the lab by their treatments/medications yet when they administered the same treatment to her, it had no effect.

Is there any scientific explanation of how this phenomenon can occur? It was easily the most frustrating part of that terrible ordeal and we had no answers from anyone here in town or at MD Anderson in Texas.


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Highly underrated flick.

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My mom taught public school for 27 years, retired and then switched to private school. She taught most grades from 2nd to 5th but ended up settling on 4th grade most of her career.

she always said that 4th graders still had the child-like innocence, didn't have the "you're not my mom" attitude yet and in general, were just the best balance for what she wanted out of students.

Do you have a preferred age group you enjoy teaching the most and do you plan to continue teaching past retirement?